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29 JAN 2015

Response from Oxted School Governors

Further to my letter to the Governors of Oxted School (see previous post), please click here to read the Governors' response.

22 JAN 2015

Supporting savers in retirement: new pensioner bonds launched

I strongly welcome the launch of a new National Savings and Investments Bond for pensioners. These new bonds, for people aged 65 and over, will offer market-leading rates and support people who rely on their savings in retirement.

There are two bonds being launched:

  • A one year bond will offer returns of 2.8 per cent gross/AER interest
  • A three year bond will pay 4 per cent gross/AER interest

I am delighted that these new bonds are rewarding older savers and giving them the certainty and comfort of a good return over the life of their investment. The Government has made £10 billion available to allow these bonds to be issued, which should give all those pensioners who wish to take advantage of the rates plenty of time to do so.

You can find out more about these bonds at the following website:


Photo by Images_of_Money on Flickr. Used under Creative Commons

13 JAN 2015

Reducing flood risk: public consultations open

Further to the terrible flooding we experienced last year, the Environment Agency is conducting two public consultations to mitigate the risks of future flooding:

I would encourage anyone with a view on these matters to take part in the consultations and pass on this information to friends and neighbours.

12 JAN 2015

Discussing the cost of childcare on BBC Woman's Hour

On Friday, I was on BBC Radio 4's Woman's Hour discussing the help available from the Government to support parents with the cost of childcare, following the publication of new research by the charity 4Children. You can listen to the programme here:

23 DEC 2014

Merry Christmas from Sam Gyimah MP!

Wishing you all a very peaceful and happy break over the Christmas period. 

23 DEC 2014

CIPR Education Journalism awards

Please click here to read the speech I delivered at the CIPR Education Journalism awards on 10 December.  

22 DEC 2014

Visiting Horley Delivery Office

It was great to meet the postmen and women at Royal Mail's Horley delivery office this morning. It brought home to me how challenging the work they do is – the early starts, the long walks carrying heavy parcels - which I remember from my student days working as a postman in Hampstead.

Our postal workers do such an important job at this time of year and help to deliver Christmas for many people and families in our area. I would like to thank them for their efforts and wish them all the best over the busy festive period.

Photo: with Katy, Manager at the Horley Office, and Gordon, the longest serving employee

17 DEC 2014

Road safety update: speed limit to be reduced on Titsey Road, Oxted

I am pleased that Surrey Highways have set out proposals to reduce the speed limit on Titsey Road from 60mph to 40mph. The 40mph speed limit would extend from the existing 30mph limit north of Bluehouse Lane up to and including the roundabout at the Titsey Hill/Limpsfield Road/Clarks Lane junction.

The collision that took place earlier this year (see previous blog here) was an unthinkable tragedy that demonstrated, in the worst way possible, the need for better safety precautions along this stretch of road. Having visited the site I welcome the action that is being taken, which is a testament to the efforts of both the families involved and Cllr Nick Skellett. I hope that the lower speed limit will be in place as soon as possible.

However, this remains a much wider issue, both in East Surrey and across the UK, where three people die each day on average on country roads. That is simply not acceptable. We need to do more to raise awareness amongst drivers of the dangers of rural roads, and greater action from local authorities to ensure that speed limits are appropriate and potential hazards well sign-posted.

Photo: at the site of the accident on Titsey Road with Cllr Nick Skellett, David and Patricia Sanders and Madeline Palmer, campaigning for the speed limit to be reduced. Photo courtesy of Kevin Black

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